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Are you looking for a way to capture your audience’s attention in the physical world and keep them engaged? Wish you could get people off their phones and entertained with your brand? Our LED Wall panels are exactly what you’re looking for! Whether you need an outdoor video wall for external advertising or an indoor LED video wall to create an immersive experience, we have the products to make it happen!

Not only do we offer these innovative, high-tech LED products, but we’re also a one-stop shop for all your related needs. We can provide expert advice, LED screen education, spare parts, installation and more. Contact us today to learn more about our unique products and services.

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At LYT Signage, we provide products that can take your marketing into the future – and we’re the first to offer new technology as it becomes available. Plus, everything we sell comes with a warranty to give you peace of mind in making the investment that will radically shift how you advertise to your audience.

xR Series LED Video Walls

The xR Series features a high frame rate and seamless screen, making it perfect for major production projects. Stages, film and broadcast venues will appreciate the cutting-edge technology that’s also easy to transport. The top-class contrast ratio comes with smart connectivity and simple cloud monitoring. Use it for web dramas, television shows and online brand events.

AF Plus Series

If you’re looking for a curved video wall, the AF Plus Series is ideal. The unique LED panels can seamlessly curve around buildings by creating a 90-degree jointed angle or using an arc perfect transition panel. You can mount the panels directly to the wall or use a simple bar structure for more support. The AF Plus Series retains a bright, clear picture even in direct sunlight.

WS Series LED Wall Panels

These high-end video wall panels are superbly slim and cable-free, making them perfect for nearly all applications. They’re particularly useful in venues like malls, retail stores or doctor’s offices where cables could pose tripping hazards. Plus, these panels are easily transported and weigh considerably less than other models. You can use the WS Series indoors or for semi-outdoor environments.

ST Pro-COB Series

The ST Pro-COB Series offers high stability and durability, including anti-collision technology. The fully encapsulated materials provide a high level of protection against moisture with an inverted structure that improves image luminosity and eradicates distortion bias. The wide viewing angle makes this perfect for offices, presentations, trade shows, schools and similar venues.

WN Series

Our WN Series is the most popular commercial LED display on the market. Flexible options allow up to a 180-degree arc, while seamless splicing requires only a 0.01mm panel gap. Combine multiple panels to fit any shape and create unique shapes. Front and rear maintenance is possible even after installation, making it ideal for long-term, stable installation projects.

CV Series

Bring your wildest ideas to life with the CV Series and create an immersive virtual experience space. These LED panels have unrivaled flexible applications that seamlessly transition from a hard model group to a soft module. Whether you envision panels that can emulate rolling ocean waves or a spherical Earth for a learning center, it’s possible with these unique panels.

RB Series

The RB Series is the ultimate in flexible event signage. These panels are resilient enough to be used indoors or outdoors and have numerous safety features to offer optimal protection. The encapsulated LEDs resist front damage, and the offset aluminum edges keep the screen safe from shattering. Reinforced corners protect against shock and damage during transportation.

AF Series Digital Billboards

These ultralight, ultra-slim digital billboards are waterproof and feature up to 13,000 nits of brightness. No external air conditioning is required since they have self heat dissipation technology, making them perfect for areas with high temperatures, humidity or regular rain. Use them on roadway columns, fixed building advertisement spaces, stadiums or rental events.

FLOOR Series

Take your immersive experience to another level with the interactive FLOOR series. These unique flooring panels feature an anti-scratch mask with HI-density PC. They’re also anti-skid, anti-knock, anti-glare and have a high load-bearing capability of up to two tons. Use them in science museums, experience halls, retail shops, showrooms, car dealerships, etc.

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We’re ready to help you take your marketing into the future and capture your audience’s attention in the real world. Besides our fantastic products, we offer installation services, education and additional parts. Contact us today for a free quote and to learn more.