LYT Signage: Our Journey to Selling LED Screen Panels

Bringing The Vegas Experience to Everyone, One LED Panel at a Time!

At LYT Signage, we’re on a mission to get people off their phones and interacting with our client’s messages in the physical world. In our perfect world, people would exist on a real-life Instagram page, where they receive interactive, immersive stimulation everywhere they turn. We believe LED screen panels are the key to building a constantly changing environment that keeps things fresh, exciting and appealing.

As marketers with over two decades of experience, we don’t only strive to provide you with an innovative, top-notch LED display panel. We place a significant focus on high-quality customer service, too. This is the story of how we’ve become your one-stop shop for all things LED video wall panels.

Getting People Off Their Phones

Everywhere you go today, people are absorbed in their phones. Have you ever thought about why that is? The truth is that people want to receive constant stimulation – they want to see, hear and absorb new information and experiences. Phones offer that through apps and the internet. It’s just the way things are now.

But we believe there’s a better way for people to receive that constant stimulation. Our solution is to help create a real-life Instagram page with informative messaging and interactive displays using our revolutionary LED screen panels.

Creating A Real-Life Instagram Page

If you’ve been to Las Vegas or New York City, you’ve seen at least one outdoor LED panel. These are what provide the vast majority of the “bright lights” these big cities are known for. But most people don’t know how LED screens work, so they haven’t yet realized how useful they can be for the average business owner, big or small.

But these high-tech displays can bring your business into the future by providing that constant stimulation people today so desperately need. LED panels can be configured for any size or shape. They can create interactive walls, flooring, ceilings or billboards. We see our LED panels as the gateway to creating a real-life Instagram page that brings the Las Vegas experience to everyone, everywhere, all the time.

From Printing to Trucks to LED Screen Panels

Nearly three decades ago, we started as Graphic Alliance, Inc. – a graphic design company providing printing services. During this era, we first dipped our toes into the world of marketing. Over the next few decades, we would grow our marketing knowledge to become experts in our field and continue expanding our printing and graphic design services.

Expanding Into Vehicle Wrapping

Twelve years ago, we noticed everyone wanted to change their trucks. We expanded our offerings into vehicle wrapping to meet our customers’ needs.

Business was thriving for a long time.…then COVID hit.

Surviving the Pandemic Shutdowns

Like many other small businesses, LYT Signage (then still just Graphic Alliance, Inc.) struggled during the pandemic. We knew we couldn’t remain a thriving business with our current offerings and needed a solution. We came up with the idea to light up trucks with unique signage.

From there, the transition to LYT Signage and offering LED screen panels simply made sense. We wanted to maximize our client’s marketing potential while securing the future of our business – and our transition did just that. Today, our company is once again thriving and looking forward to continuing to meet the needs of our clients for decades to come.

Providing More Than Just a Product

We provide a product that we’re confident to put our name behind. Our LED Screen panels are the latest technology to hit the market and the last sign you’ll ever have to get. But we provide much more than just a revolutionary product – we supply top-notch customer service to go along with it.

The team at LYT Signage doesn’t want you to just blindly purchase our product. We want you to understand your options and feel confident using your new LED display panel. Education is crucial to maximizing your investment, and we’re ready to guide you along that journey in every way possible.

Customer service is at the core of what we do, and we’re never afraid to go the extra mile for our clients. From installation to repairs, spare parts to expert advice, we’re proud to provide a complete service our clients can rely on.

Looking Towards the Future

Moving into the future, we’ll continue to expand our services to meet customer needs. We have a vision that one day, you’ll be able to piece together what you need online to receive a faster quote on your LED panel needs. We also hope to partner with ad agencies so that, together, we can bring our innovative products to a broader audience.

No matter where the future takes LYT Signage, one thing is for certain. We’ll continue to best serve our clients with the top-notch customer service you’ve come to rely on for decades.

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