LED Video Walls and Panels by LYT Signage

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Are you looking for a way to grab your audience’s attention in the physical world and keep them interacting with your brand? AT LYT Signage, we provide an innovative marketing product that can do just that! Our LED video walls and panels feature cutting-edge technology that’s highly immersive, user friendly and completely customizable.

Plus, we don’t just sell you LED video wall panels – we provide a comprehensive service that includes everything you need, from start to finish. Choosing LYT Signage means you’ll receive all the necessary parts, education, installation and much more.  Call us today to learn more about our products or services.

Examples of Our Past Work with LED Video Walls

LYT Signage Offerings: Video Wall Panels and Beyond

Many things set LYT Signage apart from the competition. But our dedication to customer service is the most significant. As part of that dedication, we’ve become your one-stop shop for all things LED video wall panels. We also believe that education on these products is crucial to ensuring our clients can fully maximize their investment. That’s why we’re always ready to answer questions, provide complete overviews of the products and teach what we know.

Plus, we’re first on the market with the latest technology and provide the highest LED resolution. Whether our clients need LED walls for churches or an LED wall display for a doctor’s office, we have the revolutionary products to make it happen.

LED Video Walls

Our LED video walls are suitable for virtual production, stages, film and broadcasting projects. Video walls can create truly immersive environments with a high frame rate, top-class contrast ratio, cloud monitoring, and smart connectivity.

LED Wall Panels

Piece together your perfect screen with high-quality wall panels that can be customized to suit your marketing needs best. Wall panels can be configured to form any size or shape and can even be curved. Our panels can be used indoors or outdoors.

LED Floor Panels

Create interactive LED floor displays that have an anti-scratch mask with a hi-density PC to protect your investment. High load-bearing capabilities allow a wider range of clients to take their immersive environments to the next level and keep people entertained.

LED Billboards

Lighter and thinner than alternatives, our LED floor panels require less supporting structure during installation for use in a broader range of applications. A bright, clear screen lets you bring the Vegas experience to everyone who walks or drives past your sign.

Installation Services

Our experts can install your LED video products if you’re local to our area. We’ve partnered with other trusted companies to provide installation for out-of-state customers – and we’re constantly expanding our partnerships to bring installation to a broader region.

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We’re ready to provide you with the revolutionary LED products you need to steal your audience’s attention from their phones and keep them interacting with your brand. Contact us today for more information or to start a free quote. You could be our next success story!